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Welcome to The Interior.

Newlyweds Bonni and Michael feel called to work and live in the Amazon jungle. They decide to abandon themselves into the care of God alone, and travel into the deep interior where they meet their mentors, an older couple at a mission outpost.
The rainforest throbs with the struggle for life. While the oppressive heat numbs, the jungle absorbs, overgrows, strangles. Especially idealism.

The creators of ‘The Interior’ are Helmut Schleppi and Geert Heetebrij, the same team responsible for the Sundance feature ‘A Foreign Affair’ (aka ‘2 Brothers & A Bride’) featuring David Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson, and Emily Mortimer.

* * *

The cast of ‘The Interior’ was selected via a casting call that generated hundreds of online video submissions from all corners of the planet. Four actors were selected from Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia and flown to the rainforest of Panama where the series was filmed.
At the moment, ‘The Interior’ consists of webisodes 1 through 12, our first season. We’re dreaming of many more seasons to come.


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